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We have to wake up. For the sake of our life on this planet and for the sake of music.

The world is changing, that’s undeniable, and it threatens organized human life for the generations to come. The SDGs and their values are the best solutions the heads of states came up with so far. Who doesn’t want to live in a world free of poverty with zero hunger, where people are healthy, have equal access to quality education and are surrounded by beautiful nature which only may be so if we’re taught how to respect it? Who doesn’t want to live in peace and be surrounded MORE by empathetic and passionate people who give their helping hand when needed than by hypocritical self-oriented beings?

If we implement and live by the SDGs we have a shot of giving to ourselves and to next generations a better world. And the good thing is that EVERYBODY can do something about it: each of us can start segregating plastic and start recycling, companies can cut back their CO2 emission, cities can reform their social housing projects, etc. ect. The list is endless.

Music and Art is in a crisis too. We live in times (for the first time in history, if you trust the books and records) in which we as a society accept music WITHOUT musicality. In fact, most of the people lost the feeling of what musicality really is. It’s not playing all notes and it’s not memorizing more scores that makes you musical. Music is telling stories, having dialogues, experiencing love and drama, deep and complex feelings – in other words music is energy that propels the way we live.

Music played musical can change lives: it can inspire and motivate us. It gives power. It gives us hope, it gives us courage. And most importantly, it shifts our focus from a selfish rat race to something higher, something of a real value.

We find important to combine the music and mission. That’s why we’re creating the SDG Youth Orchestra. We can boldly say: it’s an orchestra like no other.


The concept of the orchestra is simple. Yet, big and ambitious.

Utilizing the Internet, we create not only a really international group of passionate and great musicians but we also set off to play concerts all over the world in order to spread the word of the SDGs and actively support the goals – how, this will be revealed at a later stage.

When meeting regularly in the music retreats organized by us, we will be working on our skills and creativity. Everything in order to inspire and energize our audiences with the beauty of music. The Artistic Director of the orchestra is going to be Ingolf Wunder.

If you don’t know it yet, music actually heals. Music done right, is tapping into the frequencies and vibrations that are so vital for our body. The SDG YO is collaborating with WHIS (World Health Innovation Summit) in order to use our music to improve people’s health, take part in international studies about music and health, collaborate with hospitals and care institutions.

This is just a quick sketch to give you an idea what this all is about. More details to come…


If you are a young musician, whose world is bigger than your practice room and you feel that our world needs some improvement to become a better place to live, join us!

We’re looking for talented and musical individuals, who are open-minded, want to get more orchestra experience, to meet new international friends and together collaborate in ambitious projects that may open some new doors for you.

It doesn’t really matter where you live! And you will not be obliged to move anywhere! You simply need to love what you do and feel the need to inspire others.

APPLY HERE before MARCH 29th!

With best wishes,

Paulina and Ingolf Wunder


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  • Sabine
    Go, go, go, Paulina and Ingolf. SDGs are the future!!!

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