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“Cultural education is about learning what quality is” (Austrian News Article)

Ingolf Wunder was recently interviewed by Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, a leading newspaper in Austria about music and technology. Here is the direct translation of the article originally written in German. “Cultural education is about learning what quality is” Bad Schallerbach: Star pianist and technology entrepreneur Ingolf Wunder returns on Thursday (August 24) to the place where […]
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Are you ready for the future?

This article was published on 20th January 2022 in Rhinegold’s International Piano Magazine. Where Ingolf Wunder explains how we have removed musicality from classical music, and suggests ways to secure the position of humans in a world full of artificial intelligence.”  I started my pianistic journey aged 14 and soon after, I performed all of Liszt’sTranscendental […]
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