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Welcome to the PIANO PIANO blog! What and Why?

Piano is a big part of our life. It’s a family member. When one marries a pianist, one inevitably engages in a relationship for better and for worse with his instrument too. Everybody in this threesome is equal; an unwritten clause says that each of you get 1/3 of rights. If you’re careless, something easily can go out of balance: it results either in the unhappy spouse, suffering career or the lonely pianist. But if you put some work in this “it’s-complicated” setup, you’re able to achieve happiness and satisfaction on all fronts. It’s not easy, but pays off. However, this is only possible when: you learn how to enjoy small pleasures, how to focus on the positive side in the most stressful and painful moments and not let the business ruin your nerves. When you keep your mind open for the subjects other than your own. When you learn how to take a breath and how to smile honestly. When you lose your stuck-up posture and the tense tick on the face (something often very tricky in the classical music circle). And, most important, if you master the art of slowing down. Simply – live! Step by step. Or, as Italians would say: piano piano! It gives enormous power. It puts your life into perspective.
We established this blog to share with you a part of our life, which we live and lead as very few couples in the music world nowadays: always together.
No exhibitionism here! For us it’s all about arts and life. We want to offer you insights into the life from two different angles: 1. pianist’s – who deals with the whole package that comes with his profession, and 2. his wife’s – who fills the gaps if the package is missing something and who looks at the whole artistic surrounding with a razor-sharp eye of a narrator-like observer. We hope to give you: sometimes some food for thought, sometimes a reason to smile, and at times some courage and strength. Often with a wink, which makes the serious life not so serious and easier to enjoy to the fullest.
If you’re sarcasm-resistant – leave the blog immediately, since much of this what we would like to share with you could be lost in translation.
However, whatever we share, we have one main goal: to bring something positive and soothing, so that when you’re confused by the world full of illusion, you can come here, reflect and grab something real, something human. We greet you warmly! – Paulina and Ingolf Wunder

“The music geneticist” (Corriere della Sera, Italy)

Ingolf Wunder appeared recently in Italy’s most read newspaper Corriere della Sera, Milano, Italy. Here is the direct translation of the article originally written in Italian. The music geneticist Ingolf Wunder performs at the Concert Society Milano. The pianist uses artificial intelligence to discover the impulses behind the interpretation of music. by Enrico Parola With […]

“Cultural education is about learning what quality is” (Austrian News Article)

Ingolf Wunder was recently interviewed by Oberösterreichische Nachrichten, a leading newspaper in Austria about music and technology. Here is the direct translation of the article originally written in German. “Cultural education is about learning what quality is” Bad Schallerbach: Star pianist and technology entrepreneur Ingolf Wunder returns on Thursday (August 24) to the place where […]

Are you ready for the future?

This article was published on 20th January 2022 in Rhinegold’s International Piano Magazine. Where Ingolf Wunder explains how we have removed musicality from classical music, and suggests ways to secure the position of humans in a world full of artificial intelligence.”  I started my pianistic journey aged 14 and soon after, I performed all of Liszt’sTranscendental […]

United Nations’ IGF – speech and performance

On December 7th, 2021 Ingolf Wunder appeared as a pianist and a public speaker at the Opening Ceremony of the United Nations’ IGF (Internet Governance Forum) in Katowice, Poland. After such prominent preceding speakers as the Secretary-General of the UN and the Under-Secretary-General of the UN, the President of Poland, the Prime Minister of Poland […]

The Art Of The Piano Masterclass

The upcoming masterclass will take place 1-15 June 2021 and it will be held online. The Art Of The Piano is a new concept of a piano masterclass which is designed to maximise the results and bring the most to the piano students and aspiring pianists. There are four masters in this masterclass: Ingolf Wunder, […]


It’s been one year that we’re all trying to define for ourselves what’s going on and where this all leads to. Since nobody really knows it, we try to make sense of it by giving importance to all sorts of stories that tell us what we should do and how to live. Television and Internet […]

Polish Music Concert: Chopin & Górecki

29 July 2020, Sopot (Poland): Ingolf Wunder appeared in a double-role in concert within the 10. NDI Sopot Classic Festival at the Opera Leśna. The theme of the concert was Polish Music. In the first half, together with the Polish Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Sopot and Maestro Wojciech Rajski, he performed Chopin’s 1st Piano Concerto. In […]

Appassimo: remote teaching app for institutions

June 2020, Ingolf Wunder and Paulina Wunder launched APPASSIMO – a professional solution for online teaching created specially for music and art institutions and high-profile individuals. APPASSIMO is an upgraded daughter-platform of their startup APPASSIO (platform for freelancers, launched 2017). APPASSIMO is a modern and complex tool for online lessons and communication, with a professional […]

Post-corona life of solo musicians

From one day to the next everything has stopped, has been postponed or canceled. All meticulously planned schedules have started to live its own life. Hung in the unknown. Something unexpected happened, something that puts things into perspective. Something that hopefully might show us what’s really important. And I don’t mean health, which is obvious. […]