Davos WEF 2020: Creative Arts are essential for the future of humanity

21-23 January, during Davos World Economic Forum Ingolf Wunder and Paulina Wunder participated in the SDG Lab organized by the UNGSII’s platform SDG Cities 25+5.

The Wunders who are actively involved in supporting the SDG4 (Quality Education), put emphasis on creativity as a driving force of humanity in a future dominated by Artificial Intelligence.

Click on the video below to listen to Ingolf Wunder’s speech registered during the Lab.

It covers the following subjects:

  • the value of creativity in our times
  • technology as a tool which decreases intuition
  • music education as a remedy
  • surviving in the hyper-technological world
  • the general lack of awareness how crucial arts are
  • low sensitivity as our standard for AI development
  • music and arts’ impact on health
  • APPASSIO as one of the tools that develop creativity
  • the need of developing sensitivity

Watch also Ingolf Wunder’s TEDx Talk: Why the quality of classical music declines.

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