2019 Summary

In 2019 Ingolf Wunder:

  • gave concerts on 3 continents in 11 countries: Argentina, Armenia, Austria, China, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Malta, Poland, USA.
  • performed: 3 different piano recital programs and 6 piano concerti programs, 1 symphony, 1 symphony arrangement
  • officially debuted as a conductor (click here)
  • started to play his own solo compositions in concerts (so far as encores)
  • premiered 1 piano concerto (Janiewicz/Dussek)
  • debuted as a TED Talk speaker (talk on quality in classical music)
  • gave a 3-day piano masterclass to the top musicians of Vienna Music Academy (MUK)
  • presented his and his wife’s education platform Appassio.com in several countries
  • participated as a panel speaker talking about music education and its importance at the biggest education summit ASU GSV in San Diego, USA and at the Cremona Musica, Italy.
  • gave motivational speeches on music and creativity for students (Austria and China).
  • gave a speech on arts and creativity for corporate sector (Austria).
  • made a shortened arrangement of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and performed it at the 1st SDG Cities Conference (Espoo, Finland)
  • got involved in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals actions (focus on SDG4: quality education)
  • participated in the Common Good in the Digital Age Conference (Vatican)
  • initiated the Concert for the Poor (Łódź, Poland)

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  • Thomas A
    Fantastic. Best wishes for a great 2020!
  • Alicja F
    Great ! Congratulations on your extraordinary success for you and your Paulina, because I think she has a lot to share with it ! [Wspaniale ! Gratulacje z okazji niezwykłego sukcesu dla Ciebie i dla Twojej Pauliny, bo sądzę, że ma w nim spory udział !]
  • Frank S
    Keep being great. A power couple!!!!
  • Ben Hawking
    You are amazing! All the best for 2020!

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