Music Education at the world’s leading education summit

8-10 April 2019, San Diego (CA): Ingolf Wunder as the only active classical musician took part in the world’s leading education summit (ASU GSV) gathering five thousand attendees, one thousand speakers, from over forty countries.

(photo by ASUGSV)

Ingolf Wunder was asked to be one of the speakers, next to names such as Prime Minister Tony Blair, Andre Agassi, Reed Hastings (Netflix Founder), Sal Khan (Khan Academy), Markus Witte (Babbel Founder), professors from Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, John Hopkins Institute and very many prominent founders connected to the field of education.

(photo by ASUGSV)

Amongst over 150 panel discussions on different aspects of education and its future there was only 1 panel on music education: Striking The Right Note – The Democratization of Music Learning. Ingolf Wunder’s discussion partners were Roger Brown (President of Berklee School of Music), Steven Cox (CEO of TakeLessons) and Michael Horn (Chief Strategy Officer, The Entangled Group).

(photo by ASUGSV)

Next to discussing the importance and challenges of the artistic education during the panel and dozens of talks, Ingolf Wunder appeared as well as a performer. He gave a short recital which consisted of works by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and Ingolf Wunder’s own composition.

(photo by ASUGSV)

The subject of art, music and education is very dear to Ingolf Wunder’s heart. Together with his wife they are actively working on improving the awareness how crucial music education is in life not only of the future musicians but most importantly in life of every human being in the 21st century.

(photo by ASUGSV)
Excerpt from the performance


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