TEDx: Why the quality of classical music declines and how to change it

In June 2019 Ingolf Wunder gave a TEDx Talk on the evaluation of music. The talk was registered within the TEDx Talk Klagenfurt “Curious Minds” event.

The 19-minute-talk covers the following subjects:

  • Measures to evaluate music
  • What is value and quality in music?
  • What influences our feel for music
  • Misuse of the term “value”
  • Judgement basis in different human types
  • Empty catch phrases vs. competence and integrity
  • Basic music history
  • Music the art vs. music industry
  • Why people can’t form their own opinions
  • How wrong values are created
  • How one improves the situation

Watch the TEDx Talk below:

In the break of the TEDx Talks recording session, Ingolf Wunder conducted a workshop on piano sound and sound quality, explaining the “curious minds” that gathered at the event, what piano playing is all about, what makes a beautiful and ugly sound.

He was also the one who opened the whole event – with a piano solo piece.

(photo: private archive)


  • Ryoko Y
    Thank you for this inspirational talk! So many things have to change and I cannot thank you and Paulina enough for actually working for the change.
  • Keep focusing and like laser move ahead ! Nothing is more important than good individual education by people who KNOW and understand. Congratulation and warm hugs !!
  • Peter McCoghney
    Awesome. Cannot agree more.
  • Matthew Ji
    Very good that someone had the guts to talk about these problems, which I have been observing for so long already. Thanks, Ingolf

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