Engaging in the SDGs for arts and music popularization

June 6-8, Paulina and Ingolf Wunder appeared at the SDG Champions Conference in Espoo, Finland to talk about the importance of music education and its popularization in the 21st century society, in front of government leaders, senior UN executives, SDG academics, media leaders and youth leaders.

(photo by Atte Leskinen)

They presented arguments for the necessity of music education that influences not only the musicians circle, but most importantly every human being regardless of age or profession. Wunders, who are the co-founders of the teaching/learning online platform Appassio.com emphasized that one shall look at the music education as a tool for developing soft skills and general creativity that are indispensable in order to increase one’s potential in the ever-changing world which demands more and more flexibility and quick adaptation to new professional circumstances.

Next to the presentation, there was also an artistic part: the first performance of the SDG Youth Orchestra, created spontaneously out of young musicians from several international cities that belong to the SDG Cities Partnership Platform. The orchestra, under the baton of Ingolf Wunder, performed a short version of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony in Wunder’s arrangement.

More about the SDG Youth Orchestra coming soon.


  • Anton Gasser
    Congratulation to success Anton GASSER, Salzburg
  • Valery
    Awesome! Keep up the great work for music. Desperately needed in this world!
  • Yuma Misoki
    ? You guys rock.
  • Rasmus

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