Concert Halls

Page 4. Every concert of an artist is a unique event. An ephemeral experience, a moment. Yet, many of them stay in the memory and the heart of the public and the artist himself. Every concert is an exchange of the energy between the artist and listeners, influenced by many factors, often very personal, difficult to grasp. Each of these moments has its unique soul and can never be truly re-lived, even if one attempts to capture it on a record. Ingolf Wunder performed in dozens of countries, hundreds of cities, often multiple times in the same venues. Here are some of the concert halls on his artistic journey.

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Ingolf Wunder performed in Europe, Asia and both Americas, including such prestigious halls as Musikverein Vienna, Carnegie Hall (NYC), Berlin Philharmonie, Queen Elizabeth Hall (London), Tonhalle Zurich, Rudolfinum (Prague), Moscow Conservatory, Mariinsky Theater (St. Petersburg), Suntory Hall (Tokyo), LOTTE Concert Hall in Seoul, National Concert Hall in Taipei etc.
All photos are coming from Ingolf Wunder's private archive.
Rheingau Music Festival
This medieval castle, Schloss Johannisberg, in the heart of Germany's wine region has been turned into a world-class music venue, presenting some of the world's most famous musicians. The festival is a must-see for music fans, including prominent musicians such as Daniel Barenboim, due to its stunning surroundings and superb acoustics.
Phillips Collection
The Phillips Collection in Washington, DC is a world-renowned museum noted for its outstanding art collection and stunning performance hall. The hall has hosted many notable artists, including Yo-Yo Ma, because to its rich history and superb acoustics.
PFK Sopot Concert Hall
For music enthusiasts, this unique opera theatre nestled in the center of a lovely forest in Poland is a must-see location. There is a hall near to the main opera house where numerous musical masterpieces are performed. It's a lovely intimate location with outstanding acoustics and a stunning setting that many great artists have enjoyed.
Lithuanian National Philharmonic
The Lithuanian National Philharmonic, located in the centre of Vilnius, is a spectacular music hall that has become a cultural focus for the country. It is known for its cutting-edge acoustics and superb programming, attracting world-class musicians.
Magee Auditorium
This performance auditorium in Vancouver, built in 1967, offers beautiful views of the city. This arena, with its perfect acoustics and vast seating, has hosted some of the world's best musicians, including name.
Teatro Comunale di Treviso
This opera house in Treviso, Italy, dates back to the nineteenth century. With its beautiful décor and enormous stage, the Teatro has hosted a number of notable concerts, including one by world-renowned opera singer Luciano Pavarotti.
Russisches Haus in Berlin
The Russian Cultural Center is housed in this one-of-a-kind music hall in Berlin which hosts many cultural events. The Russisches Haus has seen some of the world's most outstanding performers, including the Bolshoi Ballet, in everything from classical music to ballets.
Monticello di Lonigo, Italy
This exquisite little church in Italy's Veneto region is a hidden gem. The Monticello di Lonigo has hosted a number of prominent musicians recording and performing in this intimate setting.
H. Wieniawski Philharmonic
The H. Wieniawski Philharmonic is a beautiful concert hall that offers a world-class venue for musical performances. With its exquisite décor and excellent acoustics, it has become a popular destination for classical music enthusiasts in Lublin. Janusz Olejniczak (the pianist who played the score for the famous Hollywood move "The Pianist"), has performed here.
Warsaw Philharmonic Chamber Hall
For nearly a century, this most famous music hall in Poland has been a fixture of the city's cultural scene. The Warsaw Philharmonic also features a chamber music hall with magnificent acoustics, which has hosted some of the world's most known musicians.
Tonhalle Zürich
Since the late 1800s, this historic concert venue in Switzerland has been a fixture of the city's cultural scene. The Tonhalle Zürich, with its amazing acoustics and huge stage, has hosted some of the world's best musicians, including name. Ingolf Wunder, now residing in Switzerland himself, had his Swiss Debut in the small hall only 8 years after starting to play the piano.
Konzertsaal in Hof
This lovely German performance hall is recognized for its welcoming atmosphere and nice acoustics. This facility, with its vast stage and welcoming décor, has hosted some of the world's most brilliant musicians, including the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra.
Altenburg Weimar
This is a fabulous place in Germany. The Altenburg Weimar, with its exquisite décor, intimate performance room and outstanding acoustics, has hosted some of the world's most known performers, including Franz Liszt himself, who composed and performed the Transcendental Etudes there. After Franz Liszt it was Ingolf Wunder who performed all 12 of Liszt's Transcendental Etudes in this building.
St. Paul Abbey
St. Paul Abbey, nestled in the middle of the Carinthian Alps, provides a stunning venue for classical music events. Established in 1091 it has hosted music events for a very long time. Its magnificent design, along with excellent church acoustics, has made it a favorite of both spectators and performers.
Stefaniensaal Graz
Built in 1886, this historic music hall is located in the centre of Graz and has a very rich cultural past. It is well-known for its beautiful decor and wonderful acoustics, making it a popular venue for classical music fans from all over the world. The world-renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra has performed on its stage many times as well as many other well known musicians.
A bright, crystal-clear sound, technical invulnerability, athleticism and rationality in the use of the means. Romantic idle, like tones that are spontaneously picked out of one’s memory. That’s art!
– Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung