Chopin & Liszt in Warsaw.

Where known meets unknown. Where opera meets piano. Where two friends-composers meet on one album and tell a story of the city of Warsaw. A record of a collaboration with the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra and its' chief conductor Jacek Kaspszyk.

Rediscovered. Reworked. Different.

What if Chopin didn't abandon his work on the concerto No. 3? What if the f-minor concerto comes with a different orchestration? Are we open for the old known works in an unknown form?
What Liszt and Bellini have in common? And what this all has to do with Warsaw?
This double album forces the listener to see the compositions in a new light. Tests his ability to listen with open ears, with no prejudice.
At the same time it's a record of the first orchestration and score edits by Ingolf Wunder.

Frederic Chopin
Piano Concerto No. 2 in F minor Op. 21 (orchestration: Alfred Cortot edited by Ingolf Wunder)

Grande Polonaise Brillante précédée d’un Andante spianato Op. 22 (for piano and orchestra)

Allegro de Concert Op. 46 (1st Movement of the never completed Piano Concerto No. 3. Orchestration: Ingolf Wunder)

Bonus track: Nocturne in E flat major op. 55/2 (live-recording)
Franz Liszt
Hexaméron, Morceau de concert S. 392 for Piano and Orchestra (Orchestration: Franz Liszt, completed by Leslie Howard and edited by Ingolf Wunder)