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A blog on piano, arts, its circle and life.

Welcome to the PIANO PIANO blog! What and Why?

Piano is a big part of our life. It’s a family member. When one marries a pianist, one inevitably engages in a relationship for better and for worse with his instrument too. Everybody in this threesome is equal; an unwritten clause says that each of you get 1/3 of rights. If you’re careless, something easily can go out of balance: it results either in the unhappy spouse, suffering career or the lonely pianist. But if you put some work in this “it’s-complicated” setup, you’re able to achieve happiness and satisfaction on all fronts. It’s not easy, but pays off. However, this is only possible when: you learn how to enjoy small pleasures, how to focus on the positive side in the most stressful and painful moments and not let the business ruin your nerves. When you keep your mind open for the subjects other than your own. When you learn how to take a breath and how to smile honestly. When you lose your stuck-up posture and the tense tick on the face (something often very tricky in the classical music circle). And, most important, if you master the art of slowing down. Simply – live! Step by step. Or, as Italians would say: piano piano! It gives enormous power. It puts your life into perspective.
We established this blog to share with you a part of our life, which we live and lead as very few couples in the music world nowadays: always together.
No exhibitionism here! For us it’s all about arts and life. We want to offer you insights into the life from two different angles: 1. pianist’s – who deals with the whole package that comes with his profession, and 2. his wife’s – who fills the gaps if the package is missing something and who looks at the whole artistic surrounding with a razor-sharp eye of a narrator-like observer. We hope to give you: sometimes some food for thought, sometimes a reason to smile, and at times some courage and strength. Often with a wink, which makes the serious life not so serious and easier to enjoy to the fullest.
If you’re sarcasm-resistant – leave the blog immediately, since much of this what we would like to share with you could be lost in translation.
However, whatever we share, we have one main goal: to bring something positive and soothing, so that when you’re confused by the world full of illusion, you can come here, reflect and grab something real, something human. We greet you warmly! – Paulina and Ingolf Wunder

Join the orchestra with a mission

We have to wake up. For the sake of our life on this planet and for the sake of music. The world is changing, that’s undeniable, and it threatens organized human life for the generations to come. The SDGs and their values are the best solutions the heads of states came up with so far. Who […]

Davos WEF 2020: Creative Arts are essential for the future of humanity

21-23 January, during Davos World Economic Forum Ingolf Wunder and Paulina Wunder participated in the SDG Lab organized by the UNGSII’s platform SDG Cities 25+5. The Wunders who are actively involved in supporting the SDG4 (Quality Education), put emphasis on creativity as a driving force of humanity in a future dominated by Artificial Intelligence. Click […]

2019 Summary

In 2019 Ingolf Wunder: gave concerts on 3 continents in 11 countries: Argentina, Armenia, Austria, China, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Malta, Poland, USA. performed: 3 different piano recital programs and 6 piano concerti programs, 1 symphony, 1 symphony arrangement officially debuted as a conductor (click here) started to play his own solo compositions in concerts (so […]

Concert for the Poor

On November 8th, 2019 at the initiative of Ingolf Wunder and Paulina Wunder the general rehearsal was open for people in need. It took place at the Artur Rubinstein Philharmonic Hall in Łódź, Poland, in the morning of Wunder’s concert with Vladimir Ashkenazy and Łódź Philharmonic Orchestra. Several hundred of poor, disabled and blind people […]

TEDx: Why the quality of classical music declines and how to change it

In June 2019 Ingolf Wunder gave a TEDx Talk on the evaluation of music. The talk was registered within the TEDx Talk Klagenfurt “Curious Minds” event. The 19-minute-talk covers the following subjects: Measures to evaluate music What is value and quality in music? What influences our feel for music Misuse of the term “value” Judgement […]

Engaging in the SDGs for arts and music popularization

June 6-8, Paulina and Ingolf Wunder appeared at the SDG Champions Conference in Espoo, Finland to talk about the importance of music education and its popularization in the 21st century society, in front of government leaders, senior UN executives, SDG academics, media leaders and youth leaders. They presented arguments for the necessity of music education […]

Conducting debut

Late April, Ingolf Wunder officially debuted as a conductor. The concert took place at the Artur Rubinstein Philharmonic in Łódź, Poland. The program included Mozart Symphony No. 1, Mozart Piano Concerto KV 467 with cadenzas by Ingolf Wunder and the world premiere of a concerto written in the 18th century by Feliks Janiewicz. The concerto […]

Music Education at the world’s leading education summit

8-10 April 2019, San Diego (CA): Ingolf Wunder as the only active classical musician took part in the world’s leading education summit (ASU GSV) gathering five thousand attendees, one thousand speakers, from over forty countries. Ingolf Wunder was asked to be one of the speakers, next to names such as Prime Minister Tony Blair, Andre […]

The glow of an artist

We live in a world in which if you’re not active on social media, you’re basically not existing. The more you post, the more you live. Posting only occasionally means for many you’re probably living an uninteresting life so you have nothing worth to share. It gets even more tricky if you’re a musician (ideally […]

Tempo of life & music

Life is getting faster and faster. At least it feels like this. The reasons are obvious: Constant shortening of travel times Technological inventions that make communication quicker Increased computing power, which allows us to do more things at once All that surely makes life feel quicker. Some people hate it, some love it. Some see it positive, some negative. C’est […]