Appassio: Online Live Concerts from home to help musicians earn

Dear All,

These are unusual times for all of us. The coronavirus has paralyzed the whole world and locked us down. Everything has suddenly stopped.

The situation is difficult for everyone, but the musicians and all kinds of artists are even in a worse situation: all concerts have been now canceled or postponed. Once everything gets back to normal, it will take musicians some time to revive their schedules. Since most of them are self-employed, no company will support them. Most of their scheduled for these and next months performances will be, if they are lucky, rescheduled to next year. Many will be canceled altogether.

The more fortunate ones (so a small group of artists) will manage pretty well. Nothing will happen to them really. The less fortunate ones will struggle big time. There will be some who will be forced to do something else than playing in order to support their family. That’s the reality.

Having in mind the severity of the musicians’ current problems and the problems to come, we as Appassio opened today our teaching platform for Online LIVE Concerts. This way we want to support musicians and give them a chance to make the best out the situation we’re all facing at the moment.


What does it mean in reality? It means that the musicians can now earn by performing online very private concerts for music lovers, who want to support artists and to listen to live music from home.

We know, that at the moment many halls offer online streamings and probably majority prefers this way of listening to live concerts now, but think about musicians!! Most of them don’t have a steady income!! The coronavirus may exhaust them financially. That’s why we encourage to show the gratitude for music and support musicians directly.

Since Appassio’s main purpose is teaching, the system for concerts works the same. It’s a one-on-one system. For home concerts it may give a very intimate flair: on one side of the screen – an artist, on the other – a music lover and his family. It’s a beautiful way to connect with musicians.
The listener and the artist schedule the time and date, and connect. The artist is paid according to the price he chooses. As above, the system works as in case of lessons. All you need technically is a computer with a built-in speakers and mic, Chrome or Opera browser and Internet connection.


Dear Musicians: Go on, create your profile (account type Teacher which allows you to earn instantly – sorry to the name, it’s a quick solution for all of you in this untypical situation) and then choose Category: CONCERTS (LIVE!), add some info about you or your concert program. Set your price! Voilà – your profile is ready.

Dear Public, Dear Music Lovers: Please, support musicians!! Enjoy live music played specially for you and show that you care about artists and music. That’s a big test for all of us. Let’s not fail it. Show your gratitude for those who turn silence and chaos into beauty of harmonies!!

We know that many popular musicians are now turning to live performances on Twitter or Facebook. Yes, they can afford to entertain you for free for a while and play for the their own PR to stay visible. Think though – and we repeat it one more time – of those, who are not that fortunate and who will feel the consequences of the coronavirus crisis the most.

We know it’s not an ideal solution, but let’s face it – the situation is not ideal! We have no choice but temporarily adapt to it and try to make the best out of it.

We hope that with Appassio we can help here. Please, share this post!!

For any questions or requests, email us:

Stay safe and all the best to you,

Paulina Wunder & Ingolf Wunder


A few videos with quick instructions:


  • Andre Morawski
    Ingolf and Paulina, this is a great, beautiful idea! Thank you!
  • I stopped by here by chance, but I'm thrilled. What a great idea, congratulations!

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